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Our Services

Restorative Dentistry

Taking Care of You

We offer several choices for restorative procedures. From small composite restorations to fixed bridgework to implant restorations, our patients are involved with the treatment planning and are educated on the recommended best option.

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Dental Surgery

Dental Check-Up

The Care You Deserve

Our experienced and gentle dental hygienists provide a thorough dental cleaning, x-rays, oral cancer screening and education on achieving optimum oral health . Whether you need a regular dental cleaning or a periodontal scaling, our dental hygienists will provide a comfortable and relaxing environment for you to receive the best treatment possible.

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Additional Services

Helping You Get Healthy

We also do many other services.Removable partial dentures, grinding/bruxing splints
(hard and soft), sports guards,sealants, fluoride treatments, primary teeth extractions and teeth whitening to only mention some.

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Perfect Smile
Dental x-ray

Digital X-rays

Taking Care of You

Our office was one of the first in this area to provide digital x-rays to our patients. This type of x-ray limits the exposure of radiation to our patients and our staff. Another benefit is we are immediately able to see the image and begin treatment or diagnose any issues.

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